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Thank you everybody who came out to the shows in the Netherlands Germany and throughout Europe, I wish everybody a beautiful and happy 2020 with many blessings!!!

new show charity for the andaman sea:


Europe Tour 2023 with Ted Russell Kamp announced...check the dates

Two Outlaws Hubertus Rösch
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New song Two Outlaws is online shortly....

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this life is for dreamers

I wish everybody health and many blessing during this difficult times...stay safe my friends xox h.

neuer Song zusammen mit Lee Mayall on the Sax, in Kü

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new release: my new album "Sea of life" is out now available only on CD so far

Die neue Single Wayfaring Strangers out now:

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erste deutsche Veröffentlichung: "Lieber Liebe als Krieg"

wayfaring strangersHubertus Rösch
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